Sharon Hayes

Sharon Hayes

Dr. Sharon Hayes has been researching and teaching in the areas of criminal justice, criminology, moral philosophy and ethics for the past twenty years and has qualifications in political science, philosophy and ethics. Over the past decade she has developed a focused research profile and track record of publications in the areas of sexuality/gender studies, specifically sex and crime, domestic violence and social constructions of romantic love and abuse. Recent books include Criminal Justice Ethics: Cultivating the Moral Imagination (Routledge 2015), Sex Love and Abuse: Discourses on Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault (Palgrave 2014), Sex, Crime and Morality (Routledge, 2012), The Politics of Sex Trafficking: A moral geography (Palgrave, 2013), and Social Ethics for Legal and Justice Professionals (Pearson Education Australia, 2006). Sharon’s current research interests include the theoretical and moral underpinnings of intimate partner abuse, and she has a monograph on the topic forthcoming, titled Romantic Terrorism: An Auto-ethnography of Domestic Violence Victimization and Survival (Palgrave). Sharon also  teaches JSB175 Social Ethics and the Justice System and JSN184 Sex and Crime. She won Vice Chancellor’s Awards for Excellence in Teaching in 2008, 2009, and 2011.

Biography brief
Sharon has been researching and teaching criminology, criminal justice and ethics for over twenty years. Her research interests include social ethics, domestic violence, and gender, crime and sexuality, and she has published five books around those themes. She lives in Brisbane, Australia, with her family and Charlie the chocolate labrador.

Criminology and Criminal Justice, Media and Cultural Studies, Media, Journalism and Communications, Sociology, Sociology, Criminology and Criminal Justice

PhD, Queensland University of Technology, 2001

Area of research
criminal justice ethics gender and crime domestic violence sexual assault

Personal interests
Sharon enjoys hiking, cooking, gardening, woodworking and travelling the world!

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