Jane Hunter

Jane Hunter

I teach inservice teachers in the School of Education at the University of Western Sydney. I am an early career researcher in the Centre of Educational Research and am currently validating a new model for technology enhanced learning known as High Possibility Classrooms (HPC) developed from doctoral research (2013) in classrooms of exemplary teachers in NSW schools. It is a framework of design based learning that can be applied to any curriculum area and there are a number of Australian schools already using it. I am interested in STEM subjects, Making and Inquiry-based learning in the Social Sciences and how teachers must "plan hard to teach easy" ... something one of my wise supervisor's always said is the essence of what it means to teach well. I am invited to speak with groups of teachers in schools often and recently I gave a keynote address which was scribed into an attractive doodle - the image of which can be seen on this profile. Later this year I am a 'visiting scholar' in the School of Education at the College of William and Mary in Williamsburg , Virginia, USA. I also value the large PLN I have created through Twitter and really enjoy my interactions with teachers from a variety of contexts.

Biography brief
I am interested in how technology enhances learning in classrooms. Throughout my working life as an educator I have been deeply involved in supporting teachers to be the best teachers they can possibly be - this might be through preservice teacher education, delivery of professional learning in schools, or at 'their elbow' in action research projects in classrooms. I was a teacher in schools and have received four major awards for outstanding contributions to student learning in universities.


PhD University of Western Sydney 2013

Area of research
Teacher professional learning, inquiry-based learning, technology enhanced learning, Social Sciences curriculum, and Civics & Citizenship education.

Personal interests
Collecting vintage fabrics and old bits n'pieces, yoga, reading all sorts of novels, walking in the Australian bush, travel - especially to the USA and Paris.

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